"Produces Quality Self Tapes and About Me Videos at an affordable Price"

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What does M(e) Casting Studios Offer?


What are Self Tapes? Self Tapes are in essence homemade auditions. Now more than ever, more and more Casting Directors and Producers are pushing and expecting actors to go that extra mile to produce and submit their very own Self Tapes. That’s where we come in. M(e) Casting Studios pushes to alleviate all that extra work and to produce and provide quality Self Tapes for actors at an affordable price. Stand out from all the rest. Get your Self Tapes done at M(e) Casting Studios. Self Tapes are more than just using your phone. We‘ve got a Studio with all the necessary essentials available to you Incl. camera, lighting, microphones, a teleprompter, a monitor, a variety of backgrounds, even a green screen offered at an additional cost upon request.

About M(e) Videos

What is an About M(e) Video? Basically an About M(e) Video is a description, or interesting story about you. An interesting aspect of your life that not a lot of people may know about you, skills or talents you may have that would make you stand out from all the rest.

R(e)Actor Reading Session

What is a R(e)Actor Session? It’s really quite simple. Everybody knows how difficult it could be to find somebody, specifically an actor who knows how line reading goes to help along the way go over your lines. Be it, of an audition, a rehearsal, or anything of the sort. That’s where we can help. M(e) Casting Studios offers One-on-One reading sessions known as R(e)Actor Sessions. Also available on Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp. At the end of each Session, you will receive a personalized M(e) Casting Studios USB Stick, on to which the entire session is recorded on to. This way you can review it at your earliest convenience, anytime, anywhere, any place. That way you’ll be one step closer to really knowing all your dialogue. Don’t you worry. We are in this together. Book your very own One-on-One Session Now!